It is the objective of Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen.Cont. Est. to provide customers with services, which will meet and exceed the high standards of Quality
& Reliability essential to the safety and application needs and expectations of our company's and our customers requirements 

Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. wishes to maintain and improve upon their leading position in the provision of quality services within the construction and
related industries.

To achieve this objective Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. will maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management Systems and will be monitored and continually improved for effectiveness where required. Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. has and implemented Quality Objectives for each
Department that are both achievable and measurable.

These objectives will be reviewed and assessed during the course of the year and the Quality Management System will provide the frame work for these reviews and assessments.

Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. shall review its Quality Policy for continuing suitability at regular intervals and any changes made will be understood. implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation. Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. will also strictly adhere to all current Safety Guidance Notes and Regulations.

As Vice President I will personally ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of organisation as Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. firmly believes that leading from examples is the key to Quality

- Abdullah Salem Al-Amari
Vice President