Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen. Cont. Est. pays every importance to good health, safety performance at all areas of operations to achieve business objectives. Management is committed to take an integrated approach where managing health and safety forms as a part of the overall business strategy. protection of human resources, properties, environment and the same commitment will be demonstrated by all levels of supervision in the organization.

Vigorous efforts will extend prevention of accident in all possible ways and implications. We consider the same as an important element in our construction process and are the direct responsibility of our Projects Management Team. We will at all times comply with applicable Saudi Government regulations. quidelines and industry norms.

Abdullah Salem Al-Amari Gen.Cont. Est. assures that projects will be carried out with high degree of safety to attain this objective. Our projects management will strive to provide a safe and healthy environment that is free from recognized potential hazards and will maintain its facilities and equipment at maximum safe operating standards.

This safety program provides specific direction related to the anticipated hazards and sound advices to achieve the maximum safe and healthy work environment. Quality Construction Est. also addresses some of the administrative methods that we have established in line with all Standards relevant to our Clients requirements.

Knowledgeable and safety conscious employees utilizing safe techniques, equipment practices are the cornerstone for the success of our goal. All members of our organization are well aware that safe work practices take precedence over shortcuts and expedient actions. They have moral, legitimate, legal responsibility to follow our established standards indicated in this program.

Management and employees are bound to agree that safety is moral, legitimate, obligation inline with business objectives and instructions of Construction Safetv Manual and other related requirements. We will also adhere to the additional measures. which protect injury of personnel and damage to properties. 

- Abdullah Salem Al-Amari
Vice President